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The Cartmill Surname Project


The Cartmill/Cartmell surname project welcomes any volunteers to join us in a search for ancestral links. The DNA program is open to any researcher that is connected to a direct male descendant of the Cartmill/Cartmell lines. This program is also open to the many variations of the surname.The surname derives from the ancient village of Cartmel, which is located in the Lake District of NW England. The famous Priory there, is over 800 years old, and is the basis for the family surname.Immigration to America appears to have begun in 1685 into the contiguous counties of Chester Co. PA, Cecil Co. MD, and New Castle Co. DE.Migration to VA began about 1735, and later migration to the westward territories resulted with overlapping family lines. The three primary lines that have been researched and documented in America are Nathaniel (1685), and Henry and John in the early 1700?s.The reason for the DNA project is to attempt to separate and identify the overlapping families in early American migration, and also to embrace the global aspects of tracing our roots to Cartmel village.We have just begun this DNA test (March 2005), so it will be a month or two until we get some results. Anyone interested in participating can contact me via email at



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