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The Carvajal/Carbajal Surname Project


Updated August 2012. Dear Interested Carvajal/Carbajal Family Member: I created this project to better map and understand the relationship between the multiple lineages of Carvajal families from the Extremadura, Spain; Portugal; the Canary Islands; Mexico; South America (particularly, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia); Texas; California; and New Mexico. As an academic historian of early modern Spain and the transatlantic migration of the Carvajal family, as well as a Carvajal descendant, I am particularly interested in encouraging Carvajal men that live or are descended from these regions to participate in the project. Those critical issues and questions that I think are of importance to the history of the Carvajal family are: 1. If any Carvajal lineages are of a Sephardic Jewish background? 2. How do North and South American lineages relate to each other? 3. How do American and Iberian (Spanish) lineages interrelate? 4. Can migration patterns from Iberia through the Atlantic world be tracked through genetics? 5. To what extent have Carvajal men and their descendents intermarried with matrilineal Jewish lineages? The standard test that group members should consider pursuing is the 12-marker test for men. I am also interested in learning about matrilineal lineages connected to the Carvajal family, and would encourage women married to a Carvajal or descended from a mother married to a Carvajal to pursue the mtDNA tests. If you are interested in participating in the project, please do consider ordering your own test. At present, I am still contemplating preparing an journal article relating to the Carvajal family's genetics. If you are interested, you can also review some of my publications on the Carvajals, including: *Martinez-Davila, Roger Louis. ?Trans-Atlantic ?Hebrew? and Converso Networks: Conquistadors, Churchmen, and Crypto Jews in the Spanish Extremadura and Colonial Spanish America.? Journal of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Crypto-Jews, Volume 4, Spring 2012: 135-166. *Martinez, Roger Louis. ?Jews, Catholics, and Converts: Reassessing the Resilience of Convivencia in Fifteenth Century Plasencia, Spain.? Journal of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian Crypto-Jews, Volume 1, Spring 2009: 95-119. *Martinez, Roger Louis. "From Sword to Seal: The Ascent of the Carvajal Family in Spain (1391-1516)." Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Texas at Austin, 2008. -Sincerely, Dr. Roger L. Martinez, Assistant Professor of History, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs,



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Carabajal, Caravajal, Carbajal, Carvajal, Carvalhal, Carvalho, Curbello, however, Jovanovic, Komljenovic

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