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The Caspillo Surname Project


To determine and compare haplogroup and haplotype information for this Filipino surname.The name appears to have originated in Calinog, Iloilo County, Panay Island, Philippines, but may have had other origins. There are many with this surname in the U.S.A.We hope to have the first test sample from Calinog ready to submit by August.Reportedly, the early Spanish had each Filipino household choose up a surname from lists of names posted on their church wall. Calinog had surnames beginning with C, Passi with P, and so forth. As such, it is possible that all Caspillo are closely related within the last 450 years, approximately.If Caspillo represents a Spanish male admixture on the surname line, this will show up in the haplogroup results.Caspillo likely descends from a M168 + M130 S.E. Asian lineage, or possibly a M175 = M122 South Asian lineage. If Spanish, it would be the M173 European lineage, likely expressed by either haplogroup R1b or I.(The Journey of Man book, pp 182-183, etc.)



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