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The objectives of the Chamberlain (all variant spellings) surname project are:1) to estimate the number of different ancestral lines to be found among Chamberlain families throughout the world.2) to trace currently known Chamberlain lineages to common ancestors in Great Britain and continental Europe.3) to assist researchers in identifying their immigrant Chamberlain ancestor Participants in this study are employing the Y-DNAPlus 37 Marker Test to discover genetic matches among males bearing the surname.

A Surname Project traces members of a family that share a common surname. They are of the most interest in cultures where surnames are passed on from father to son like the Y-Chromosome. This project is for males taking a Y-Chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) test. Thus, the individual who tests must be a male who wants to check his direct paternal line (father's father's father's...) with a Y-DNA12, Y-DNA37, Y-DNA67, or Y-DNA111 test and who has one of the surnames listed for the project. Females do not carry their father's Y-DNA. Females who would like to check their father's direct paternal line can have a male relative with his surname order a Y-DNA test. Females can also order an mtDNA test for themselves such as the mtDNAPlus test or the mtFullSequence test and participate in an mtDNA project. Both men and women may take our autosomal Family Finder test to discover recent relationships across all family lines.

Other surnames in Project
Chamberlain, Chamberlaine, Chamberland, Chamberlayne, Chamberlin, Chamblin, Shamblin

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