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The Chandler Surname Project


Since 2003, this project has identified more than 80 genetically distinct Chandler lines, including several with intercontinental matches. Some of these lines have been traced by conventional means back to the 1600s or beyond. We believe there may be about 150 distinct lines in existence around the world. Because Chandler is an occupational surname, people named Chandler are not necessarily related to each other.The project was started to identify descendants of Virginia immigrant JOHN CHANDLER who landed at Jamestown in 1610, but from the beginning found that DNA testing opened new vistas of genealogy. Other early New World immigrants came under scrutiny, both in Virginia and in New England. Soon, the project had grown to include all Chandler lineages worldwide.



Other surnames in Project

Candler, Chandeler, Chandelier, Chandlee, Chandler, Chandley, Chandlor, Chanler, Chantler, Chaundeler, Chaundler, Chaundlor

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