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The Cilliers Surname Project


According to history books the Cilliers families in South Africa can trace their ancestory back to one JOSUÉ CELLIER and his wife ELISABETH COUVRET. The Cilliers DNA Project augments genealogical research and provides general insight concerning the cilliers overall history and genetic composition. DNA testing can be an extremely powerful tool when combined with your genealogy research. DNA testing can uncover information that was not previously known, as well as confirm your research, and get leads for further research. All Cilliers across the world, including those with similarly spelled surnames are welcome to join this project. By joining this project you agree to: 1) Provide the name of the person being tested. 2) Name and dates/locations for the birth and death of ancestor and spouse if available 3) Permission to show the test results on the project website and the ancestor information.



Other surnames in Project

Cellie, Cellier, Celliers, Cillie, Cillier, Cilliers

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