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The Claeys Surname Project


Hello and welcome to the newest way to untangle confusing family trees. It can help you cut a path To a direct ancestor and not waste time researching unrelated branches you encounter. This project seeks to light new pathway to our various lineages. Claeys is a Flemish name of Dutch ancestry in Northern Belgium in areas of Brussels, Antwerp, Gent as well as historic areas such as Zomergem, Ursel and Bellem; it was also found to be a Norman name that is known to have arrived in England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. The Claeys family lived in Lincolnshire, where they held a family seat at Claye. The name?s origin is Dutch, reduced form of a given name Nik(o)laas (Nicholas, Claus, Claassen). A large number of the Claeys in the United States are originally from Belgium, the peak times for immigration was 1880s and 1890s. Did you now that there were 16 Claeys families living in Illinois in 1920? The CLAEYS Worldwide Genealogy DNA Project hopes to assist in the confirmation of collected historical data and help us find new genetic relationships. Knowing what proven Claeys line that you descend from will allow you to concentrate your efforts on that line, not wasting time with an unrelated group of Claeys; it will help keep you out of that proverbial blind alley. Y-DNA and mtDNA are welcome.



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