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The Clark(e) Surname Project


Participants in the Clark(e) Surname YDNA project MUST be males who had a father named Clark(e), a grandfather named Clark(e), a great-grandfather named Clark(e), and so forth. It must be an unbroken male descent from the surname Clark(e) prior to 1900. Paper records should be combined with Y-DNA testing in trying to prove (or disprove) a connection between two males with the same or similar surname. The paper trail helps to establish that the participating male must be from an unbroken male direct line. If you are not a male, then perhaps you can locate a male Clark/Clarke brother, uncle, or cousin as a participant. When the group first started, it was decided that in order to be included in our DNA project, a pedigree was required to be submitted to us. A simple fill-in form is available at YDNA will show you the large family group of Clark(e)s back to before surnames. It might even show that your forebear wasn't a Clark, but another surname -- called Non-paternity events. YDNA won't tell you the name of your grgrgr-grandfather or whether you descend from his son George, John or William. It will only get you into a ball park family group IF other relatives have participated in this study. This is what our study is attempting to do... The identity of the family group is only as good as the paperwork of all participants. DNA is not a substitute for doing genealogy the old fashioned way -- corroborating each and every generation with good sources, connecting all the dots, making sure the John Clark here is your John Clark there. For privacy reason we don't publicly post any data after 1900, thus it is in everyone's best interest that people exhaust the paperwork sources before taking the test.



Other surnames in Project

Clark, Clarke

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