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The CLAXON Surname Project


This group was formed to separate the Claxon's of Essex, England, from the soundex linking to the surname Clarkson. Claxon apparently originates in the Essex towns of Basildon, Chelmsford, Maldon, Clacton and Colchester. Colchester is the oldest town in England. On my side, the name originates as CLARKSON, but then grandsons took different names, One CLARKSON, the other CLAXON. Both names go back earlier than this, with family links, showing that both were used at that time. Claxon, however IS a different name than Clarkson.. One , Clarkson, has Yorkshire and Scots origins, the other originates in Essex. I am of the thought that CLAXON orignates in one family, showing perhaps a high percentage of similar Y DNA in participants. Being that their are only about 140 families in the world with this surname. So, to apply, I would like to see two main things 1. Have the surname CLAXON or soundex 2.Have a paper trail to that name in BMD index.( some Clarksons can be traced to this name) 3. Have a paper trail to Essex county in England. In DNA, I am U-152*, and tentatively identified as La tene Briton, however, this may turn out to be a Roman origin.



Other surnames in Project

Clack, Clackson, CLAXON, CLAXSON

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