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The Claxton Surname Project


When the Claxton/Clarkson project was initially formed, we focused solely on the Y chromosomal, or the paternal, line. However, with the introduction fo the Family Finder test, we are now welcoming people who are descended from Claxton/Clarkson and similar surnamed ancestors. They will be grouped by ancestral line. In addition to our project page, you can see current research at: Our original goals were: 1. To determine if the Claxton, Clarkson, Clarkston, Clayton, Clanton and Clark lines worldwide are connected. 2. To connect the various lines with their ancestors and to differentiate between the lines. 3. To determine if Jeremiah Claxton is related to James Claxton progenitor of the Wright Co., Missouri Claxtons and one line of Tennessee Claxtons. 4. To determine if Thomas Clarkson of Lee Co Virginia and James Clarkson/Claxton of Claiborne Co. Tennessee were in fact brothers, and if so, if George Middleton Clarkson, executed in the State of Franklin in about 1785 was their father (if possible). 5. To determine if the Claxton families of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Georgia are related. 6. To determine if the Tennessee, Virginia and Pennsylvania lines are related. 7. To identify our immigrant ancestor(s) if possible. 8. To determine our Clarkson/Claxton/Clarkston native homeland. 9. To break down those brick walls.



Other surnames in Project

Clackson, Clackston, Clanton, Clark, Clarkson, Clarkston, Clason, Claxton, Clayson, Clayton

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