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The Cockburn Surname Project


This is a rapidly growing surname project that includes over 40 contributing men and women. Most participants have traced their ancestry back to Scotland but others trace their ancestry back to Cumberland, England. Judging from the genetic evidence collected so far, the majority of Cockburns, and probably also the majority of Cogburns and Coburns, appear to be descended from the medieval Scottish knight Sir Alexander de Cokburne, Baron of Langton, Carriden and Bolton, born circ 1300. Sir Alexander might in fact be descended from the two earlier Cokburnes who signed the Ragman Roll in 1396 and from the even earlier 13th-century knight Sir Roberto de Cokeburn; however, the historical documentation linking Sir Alexander back to these earlier generations is absent. Most men in the Cockburn surname project test positive for membership in genetic haplogroup R-L257 and have a DYS464 test result of "cggg". They almost certainly descend from a branch of the larger Anglo-Saxon family that includes the medieval Earls of Dunbar and March, and many present-day members of the Dunbar family. However, not all men of the extended Cockburn, Coburn and Cogburn families are in the Anglo-Saxon-Frisian haplogroup R-L257. The project aready includes men in other haplogroups such as I2b1 (Scandinavian) and E-V13 (Albanian-Roman). The number of haplogroups in this project is certain to increase as more test contributors join the surname project.



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