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The Cofer Surname Project


Is your name a variation of Cofer/Coffer/Copher or anything sounding similar? It could also be spelled with a K. Because of the relatively low number of people with this name, we assumed that we may have all come from the same source. We have determined through our DNA testing thus far that we have at least three major groups that are probably not related. Many Cofer et al came to Virginia and Maryland in the 1600?s. It appears some of these were not related. We have not been able to tie this down yet as we need to have more participants. One line from a John Cofer came to Virginia with Nathaniel Pope in the mid 1600?s. Another line came to Isle of Wight about the same time. There is a James Cofer that is found in the archives of that time period. Still others based on later census data came from Austria, Italy, Switzerland,Russia and likely many others. We would like to see if we can match others to the three lines identified so far or show other lines. Wouldn?t you like to



Other surnames in Project

Coafer, Coefer, Cofar, Cofer, Coffer, Copher, Kofer, Koffer, Kopher

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