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The Compton/Crumpton Surname Project

Description: With worldwide participation, the project has reached a point in its maturity that there is an opportunity to expand the scope of exploration and quicken the pace of insightful guidance in identifying common ancestry. Multiple unique Compton/Crumpton lines have already been discovered. More and more as participants join; they are matching already discovered lines and further associating themselves with a common ancestry they have no paper trail for. This direct method of participation should and will continue, but it reemphasizes the need of English participation, the most common country of origin. Participation from England would form a basis for connecting independent paper trails through a bridge of DNA, across time and space into the USA and Australian Compton, Crumpton, and Crompton lines. Evidence of emigrating men would be tied to their descendents throughout the world. Where difficulties in communication and transportation in previous centuries proved too great to maintain genealogies, Y-DNA results would build them for the first time.



Other surnames in Project

Campton, Camton, Compton, Crampton, Cramton, Crompton, Cromton, Crumpton, Cumpton, Cumton, however, Kompton, Kumpton, Kumton, Rehling, Rohe. Rohé

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