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The ComstockDNAProject Surname Project


The first Comstock believed to be in America, William Comstock, was in Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony by 1640, and died in New London, Connecticut, circa 1683. There is proof via a deed of grandsons, that William certainly had sons named John and Daniel. Various records and relationships suggest strongly that he also had sons Samuel and Christopher. Hopefully this project will confirm or disprove whether or not John, Daniel, Samuel and Christopher Comstock, who lived in New England about 1625-1700, were likely brothers, or at least close kin, to William Comstock. If you are Comstock male, you are encouraged to join the project. we recommend the 37-marker test (Y37) for the best results but members are welcome with any test. Questions can be directed to the Comstock Project Administrator at



Other surnames in Project

Comstock, Comstocke, Cumstock

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