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The Conant Surname Project


The purpose of the Conant DNA project is twofold: 1. To help all Conants solve their Conant ancestry questions; 2. To discover the true family line of my father, who although he is a Conant, given the results of this DNA group, does not appear to be a direct descendant of Roger Conant of Salem. We believe my father's ancestor to be Amos Conant, purportedly born in Concord, MA in 1737 (according to F.O. Conant's book on the Conant family on page 540); however, we are not sure if the break from the Conant line started with Amos or is sometime more recent. All Conant males are invited to join this project, especially those who believe themselves to be descended from Amos Conant. Results will be shared with all participants.



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