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The Corder Surname Project


Although the surname Corder is not particularly common, much confusion has resulted from the fact that most of the six to seven main 18th century Corder family groups lived in relative proximity to one another in colonial Virginia. It is the goal of the Corder Family DNA project to untangle years of confused paper trails, speculation, and misinformation and to conclusively prove or disprove relationships between the major groups and their descendant lines. Please help our project grow! If you are a direct-line male Corder, order your test today! This project was created to help sort out (in conjunction with traditional genealogy) all the various lines of the Corder family(all spellings). There are many errors in lineages out on the Internet at this point--perhaps we can help correct some of them. For that reason, it is important that the earliest known ancestor (EKA) you list here is a PROVEN ancestor. Use to post family lore, educated guesses & speculation on older generations, but for the sake of accuracy, please stick to documented ancestors in this project. Project members may receive occasional updates from the project administrator, and may be assisted in joining their appropriate Haplogroup projects...



Other surnames in Project

Baker, Corder, Ogan

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