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The Cossitt Surname Project


The Cossitt Family Association was founded in the 1970?s by our late cousin, Tom C. Cossitt of Brockville, Ontario, Canada. The Association was formed to enhance relationships and conduct genealogical research of the descendents of Rene Cossitt, b.1690 who emigrated from France and his wife, Ruth (Porter) Cossitt,b.1692 who was born in Hartford County, Connecticut. Originally, The Cossitt Family Association held reunions in various cities across the United States and Canada. This practice has been discontinued due to the current ability to communicate with members via e-mail. The Cossitt Family Association, Inc. maintains a computerized family Genealogical Database that starts in the 1700?s and currently has over 11,625 individuals and 4650 marriages. If you are a descendent of Ruth and Rene Cossitt you are eligible for membership. Application instructions are available on the Cossitt Family Association web site.



Other surnames in Project

Coffitt, Coset, Cosit, Cosse, Cosset, Cossette, Cossit, Cossitt, De Cosse

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