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The Cotter-Ottar-Kotter- Surname Project


Project Background: Ottar was North Norwegian Viking Chieftain from Hagoland in North Norway, in the late 800s, he visited the court of the English King, Alfred the Great, who ordered that an account of the Norwegian's travels be written down. Ottar described his voyages to the White Sea, and although he was perhaps not the first Norwegian to reach these unknown waters, his journey was a remarkable feat of exploration which made both the North Cape and the White Sea known in European literature for the first time. Ottar continued to trade and was known to make annual visits to Hedeby, Denmark. The Next Step When I started this project I was on the beginning of the slope of a steep learning curve regarding DNA, and where anthropology and DNA intersect. I found in the beginning it was vacuum, a black hole of scientific inquiry. To extract genealogical data from it seemed foreboding, particularly as the anthropological data and DNA data were being worked by statisticians with more criteria than diary farm has cow teats. So I have to say there is a lot of junk science out there you must wade through as you look at this. However amazingly, with three single members we are meeting criteria that are well established: 1. Cotter and its cognates is oldest Viking surname in Ireland. 2. The current members all have nearly identical markers for Norsemen. 3. That Cotters from Ireland are well documented migrating into areas as far east as Iasi, Romania. So that?s were we stand and I hope we can work together to further our understanding and establish relationships.



Other surnames in Project

Coiteoir, Cotter, Cottyr, however, Kotter, McOtter, Ohthere, Oitir, Ottar, Palm, Qvick/Kvikk (Holm), Romanimanush Scandinavia

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