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The Courtright Surname Project


COURTRIGHT, CORTRIGHT, KORTRIGHT, KORTRYK, CURTRIGHT, CUTRIGHT, and LOWE are some of the common spellings of surnames used in historical records of the COURTRIGHT families.Some of the early COURTRIGHTS we are researching appear to have migrated from Holland and initially settled in New Amsterdam in 1663. Some others appear to have migrated from the British Isles. Later migrations took family descendants into New Jersey,Pennsylvania and more western states.The social status of the Courtrights had been at all levels from farmers of modest means to tavern Keepers, businss tycoons and even First Lady, Mrs.Monroe, Elizabeth Kortright.If your surname is one of those listed or sounds similar, please join our group DNA project to increase your chance of matching with a pre-sorted persons with same or similar surnames.Participants of the Genographic Project with related surnames are most welcome to join the Courtright DNA Project.



Other surnames in Project

Cortright, Courtright, Courtwright, Curtright, Cutright, Kortright, Kortryk, Lowe

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