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The Cousins Surname Project


The Cousins Family Tree Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. We have so many questions about our great family that may never be answered through conventional research. Documents have been lost, destroyed, or may never have existed.But, science has progressed to the point where a simple DNA test may help answer some of our many unanswered questions The goal of this project is to find common ancestors & establish the genetic connections among the various families through Y-Chromosome DNA test results. If your Surname is missing and should be included, we'll be glad to add it. Please visit our websiteThe name of Cousins is claimed by some experts to have been derived from the ancient Norman French name of Cuzon, and came over to England with William the 1st in 1066. Another theory is that Cousins, is derived from a reference to a kinsman or near relative cousins of the King Other experts that say Cousins was derived from Cutison and Cuthbertson this only helps to make the mystery of the researching our family name more exciting and definitely more frustrating. My Cousins family line is said to have been in Southern Wexford since 1282-1283 when Henry Cosin was mentioned in Hore's History of Old Ross. The Cousins name has been spelt in many ways over the centuries. Here is a selection Cuisin, Cussen, Couzens, Cussin, Cusson, Cossen, Couxens, Cosyn, Cusyn, Coossyn, Coossyne, Cosins, Cosin, Cuzin, Cousin, Cousen, Cuzen Cuzun, Cosen, Cossins, Cussyn, Cussans, Cozzens, Cozins, Cozens and many more variations



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Cousin, Cousins, Couzens, Cozzens

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