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The Coverdale Surname Project


Coverdale and its variants comprise of one of the rarer English-origin name groups. For example, data from the census of 2000 found that Coverdale (including Coverdell and Coverdill) occurs only once in about every 154,000 people in the United States of America. On a world-wide basis, most Coverdales are in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, but there are a few in places as widely diverse as Argentina, India, and Japan. Many English Coverdales may find their origins in Yorkshire. Many Coverdales in the USA are probably descendants of Thomas Coverdale who settled as an adult in Sussex County on Delaware (one of the lower counties of Pennsylvania) about 1691. Even so, conventional documentary research on the Coverdales in America has been hampered by the many blank spots in early colonial records. Coverdales in America are of both English and African origins. And of course, Coverdales are now found all over the world. Gathering some of the Y-DNA evidence might help to clarify the ancestry for all of us, and provide a scientifically-based survey of Coverdales. All Coverdales are invited! Your project administrator is a Coverdale on the maternal side, and so is ineligible to provide a Y-DNA sample for this project. However, there are lots of us like that, who would like to learn more about the origins of our Coverdales. As such, we can build quite an extensive sharing network, for everyone interested in exchanging information on Coverdale genealogies.



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