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The Crago/Craigo/Crego Surname Project


We need Crego volunteers! Based on DNA results, we know that most persons born with a Crago or Craigo surname in the USA share a recent common ancestor. Our American roots go back far enough (1700's), tho', that records tend to be spotty. We hope this project, by enlisting international participants, will establish with some certainty the ancestral origins of the Crago/ Craigo/ Crego lines in America, Canada, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. This seems to be in Cornwall, England, but a big question remains. Are the Crago's related to the Crego's? We know that most Crago and Craigo family lines in the USA share a recent common ancestor(RCA), which we call the Thomas Crago Haplotype. And, we know that the Thomas Crago Haplotype matches the DNA of a recent (1900) Crago immigrant from Cornwall. We're always looking for more volunteers, and a bit of money is available to help with testing costs for volunteers who may otherwise hesitate to join the study group. Be sure to read the Background and Results sections of our public website for more details about what we've learned so far.



Other surnames in Project

Craglo, Crago, Cragoe, Cragow, Craig, Craiglow, Craigo, Craigow, Cregeau, Crego, Cregoe, Crugowe, Rotstein, Rowlet

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