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The Craigmiles/Craigmyle Surname Project


The Craigmile/Craigmiles/Craigmyle DNA Project was started to advance the finding of our family lines. We have researched the US census records from 1790 to 1930 for all variations of the name and have developed a theory for the family lines that come out of Kentucky. For those of you who have paper trails that lead to brick walls, this is an amazing resource that can help you make the connection. This project has already made an exciting connection that might never have been discovered without the help of DNA testing. Help is needed in finding MALE Craigmiles (Craigmyle, Craigmile) who are interested in volunteering to take the test. EVERYONE can participate by contributing toward the cost of each DNA kit. The Y-DNA37 marker test is recommended, and because we are a surname group project, we are able to get a group discount rate on the tests. We suggest that several interested researchers all contribute toward the cost of a kit for the Male participant representing their line. Please feel free to contact the Group Administrators with any questions you may have.



Other surnames in Project

Craigmile, Craigmiles, Craigmyle, Craigmyles, Creigmile, however, Rowlett, Rowlette

Join the Craigmiles/Craigmyle surname project

If you want to join the Craigmiles/Craigmyle project please order your DNA test here.

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