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The Cray Surname Project


Cray/Crays/Crayes---The Group is for males of all variant surnames, including Mc and Mac who, who are encouraged to take the 25 Marker Y-DNA test. My wife is a CRAY whose last name was changed from CRAYS/CRAZE/CRAES, etc. over the centuries. Her line has been traced to four brothers who first appeared in the 1790 Census of Barree Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA. The family appears to have came from Scotland as MacRea. Descendants have migrated from PA to OH, IN, IL, MN, & KS. I have also researched the CRAYs of Onslow Co., NC, for several years. This line I believe is traceable to John Cray of Charles Town, SC. His surname could have been McCray. Descendants migrated as Cray to GA, AL, & TX. Descendants of a William Crayes, b. in NC in 1780, migrated as CRAYES to Macoupin Co., IL. DNA testing has proven that this line shares a common ancestor with my wife's PA line! The project results are posted at: http>// George W. PageCol., U.S. Army (Ret.)1100 Cataway PlaceBryans Rd, MD 20616

Other surnames in Project

Cray, Crayes, Crays, MacCray, McCrae, McCray, McCrea, McRae

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