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The Creel Surname Project


Our Creel DNA results are part of a group effort by many Creels to document, record and research the history of Creels in America. The early Colonial records concerning Creels have been for the large part either lost, fragmented or destroyed, leaving the scattered puzzle pieces to be wondered over and pondered as to how they should fit into the American Creel picture. It is hoped that through the Y-DNA studies we might at least be able to discern the main branches of the Creel tree and eliminate hypothetical placements of many Creels. With the first few results, it has already been determined that William, born c1772, and Thomas Creel, born c1770, of the Carolinas were almost assuredly brothers since both have proven descendants with identical Y-DNA. Further tests have shown the Colonial Virginia Creels have a different lineage from the Carolina Creels but they are identical with most of the Creels of Kentucky, from which sprang the Mexico line of Reuben Waggoner Creel.



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