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The Crews/Screws Surname Project


Crew-Crewe-Crewes-Crewse-Cruise-Cruse-and other variations-- This is a project for determining the Y DNA signatures of males named Crews, and its many variations, anywhere in the world. The study has so far identified 5 haplogroups among participants. Migration and literacy have also resulted in various spellings of the name, even among close relatives, as demonstrated by data establishing perfect 37 marker matches between Crews and Cruse testers. This kind of result can provide family researchers direction for further genealogical study. We are also attempting to determine the ancestral families for the Crews immigrants from the UK and Eire, to the English colonies, past and present. Thank you for considering participation in our study.



Other surnames in Project

Crew, Crewe, Crewes, Crews, Crewse, Cruise, Cruse, Screws

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