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The Critchley Surname Project


This project is open for to all who have this or a phonetically similar surname names such as critchlow. To examine the possibility of name changes in a genealogical time frame we may include other names in this project as and when required. If you are in this latter interest group then please include some further information in your join request. I am currently searching a possible name change in my paternal ancestry (Family 1, in this project) based on a TMRCA within the last 7 generations, a result obtained from uploading my y-DNA to and examining the resultant matches. If a prospective member has a close match to family one in this Critchley project then I would also recommend checking out the public Cotton surname project website, as it is likely they will also have a close match to family 17 in that project. If this is the case then I would recommend contacting Ross Cotton for further information at . Although, this is, initially at least, a y-DNA surname project we are also interested in family finder results in order to explore the possibility of name changes in the paternal line so we would welcome contributions from both males and females with a Critchley connection. I would advise also comparing your DNA matches with as many DNA databases as possible including the following databases in order to increase the number of matches:,,,, The latter website looks at autosomal DNA comparisons for finding genetic cousins. MyFTDNA FF results can be uploaded in order to find matches with others.



Other surnames in Project

Cotton, critchley, critchlow, crutchley, Roberts

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