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The Crowther Surname Project


The Crowther Surname Y-DNA project seeks to discover the genetic origins of the Crowther surname using Y- chromosome analysis to trace the male lineage of the family?s British Isles ancestry. According to A Dictionary of English Surnames, by P.H. Reaney, Crowther is a derivative of Middle English crouth, croude ? ?fiddle?, a fiddler. While there is similar meanings among the Welsh crwth, the Anglo-Saxon cruth, and the English crowd, there is some doubt whether the origin of the noun is Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Greek, etc. Interestingly, some lexicographers have remarked that crouth also traces its origins to Scandinavia where its name is akin to the Old Norse word kurra ?to growl? and India where the Sanskrit work krús means ?to cry? or ?to produce a loud sound.? However, the general agreement among lexicographers, regardless of the spelling of the name, is that it describes a player of a string musical instrument that is played with a bow, a fiddler. The Crowther surname has had its English geographic origins traced to Lancashire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Cheshire, and Devon. However, the surname also traces its origins to Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Through the Crowther Surname Y-DNA project it is hoped that a better understanding of the heredity of the surnames? genetic clans and identify their geno-geographic origins.



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