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The Cundiff Surname Project


The objective of the Cundiff Surname Project is to shed light on three basic genealogy theories using Y DNA. 1. Identify that most of the male Cundiffs in America descend from Richard Cundiff, d. 1723 in Virgina. 2. Identify links to Cundiff ancestors in England and attempt to prove where Richard Cundiff, d. 1723 in Virginia, was from in England. 3. Prove that he was related to the Cundict family of Somerset County, England. 4. Disprove that the Cundiffs are related to the Cunliffes of the various spellings as found in Lancashire, England. 5. Solve other Cundiff and variants spelling genealogy problems appropriate for the group. 5. Use the Family finder information to aid in further research.



Other surnames in Project

Condiff, Condit, Condive, Conduit, Conduyt, Cuncliff, Cuncliffe, Cunclyfe, Cunclyffe, Cundall, Cundcliff, Cundcliffe, Cundclyffe, Cundeth, Cundey, Cundi, Cundict, Cundie, Cundiff, Cundill, Cundit, Cundith, Cunditt, Cundlay, Cundley, Cundlif, Cundlife, Cundliff, Cundliffe, Cundlive, Cundluff, Cundlyffe, Cundy, Cundyte, Cundyth, Cunlay, Cunlef, Cunlefe, Cunleff, Cunleffe, Cunley, Cunlief, Cunliefe, Cunlieff, Cunlif, Cunlife, Cunliff, Cunliffe, Cunlive, Cunlliffe, Cunlyfe, Cunlyff, Cunlyffe, Cunlyffs, Cunnclyffe, Cunniff, Cunyngh

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