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The DaouFamily(Levant) Surname Project


The Project is open to all members of the "Daou" family in the Levant (or any of its alternative spellings). The project is also open to members of other families with oral traditions tracing their respective lineage via direct patrilineal line to any of the branches of the "Daou" family. For the results to be meaningful, prospective members are encouraged to test at least the Y37 STR markers. Subsequently, upgrade to higher resolution tests (e.g. Y67 or Y111) can be ordered using the same DNA sample.



Other surnames in Project

Dao, Daou, Daow, Dau, Daw, Daww, Dhao, Dhaou, Dhaow, Dhau, Dhaw, Dhaww, Dhou, Dhouw, Dhow, Dou, Douw, Dow

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