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The Dawtry/Dealtry Surname Project


This is a Y-DNA project for males bearing the surname Dawtry/Dawtrey or one of it's derivatives eg. Daltry. Dealtry, Dautre, Daughtr(e)y, Hawtrey amongst others. I would also be interested in any families with the surname Painel/Paynel or similar, as historical records show that these two families were either closely linked, or maybe even one. Participating is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records which will help you research your family tree. The Y-DNA test tells you about your direct male line, which would be your Father, your Fathers Father and back in time. You should be a male to take the test, or believe there is a Dawtry or variant in your direct male line, even though you have a different surname. Female Dawtrys will need to find a direct male in their family to represent their family tree. I encourage males to order a 37 marker test if possible. The aim of this Project is to connect the various branches of the Dawtrey family found in records in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex and even Northumberland and Scotland after the Norman Conquest. It is found on early records written as de Alta Ripa or de Hauterive, and also as Painel de Hauterive. This project aims to discover whether or not we share a common ancestor, or ancestors, and how we relate to each other. This family has old known Norman origins with an extensive history spanning both sides of the Channel.



Other surnames in Project

Daltry, Daughtry, Dautry, Dawtrey, Dawtry, Dealtry, Hawtrey, Paisnel, Paynel

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