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The Dickason Surname Project


Dickason,-er, -in, -en son, etc. Goal is to connect or reject the relationship between the DICKASON lines AND other variant spellings below. We are clearly affected by spelling variants. Participants MUST send the Group Administrator a single line pedigree from themselves to their earliest known ancestor. Include dates and locations of deaths and births, and spousal information, if known. Information is available on the website See Results, and Y Results buttons. Note 1: It is cheaper to obtain testing as a group member. See prices below. It is suggested that you start out with the 25 marker test. Matches at 12 markers mean very little other than ruling someone out as not matching anyone else in the project. If a match is made at 12, an upgrade to at least 25 will be needed. The 25 marker test is available only to project members. Upgrades to more markers later leads to a higher overall cost. For example, an upgrading from 12 to 25 markers and then later to 37 can add $98 for a total that is $49 greater than if a 37 marker test was purchased at the outset. Note 2: If you have already tested with one of these companies (Relative Genetics, DNAHeritage, Ancestry, Oxford Ancestors, or Genebase), you can receive a discount on testing at FTDNA: Note 3: See also DIXON surname project for DIXON. Those with DICKSON may want to consider the DIXON and/or DICKASON Projects. You can belong to several projects simultaneously.



Other surnames in Project

Decunson, Dicason, Dickarson, Dickason, Dickens, Dickenson, Dickerman, Dickerson, Dickeson, Dickin, Dickinson, Dickison, Dickon, Dickons, Dickonson, Dickson, Dicon, Diconson, Dicounesson, Dicun, Dikkonson, Dikson, Dixon, Dyason, Dyckenson, Dycson, Dyke, Dykes, Dykstra

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