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The Dikaios-Flessas Surname Project


This DNA Surname project is for the Greek families with the names Dikaios or Flessas with these variations -- Dikeos, Flessas, Flessias, Flessa, Flesa, Flesas and Flesias. The project's objectives are to resolve certain mysteries and controversies surrounding families with these names -- especially whether or not Flessas or Flesias was a distinct family or a branch of the much larger Dikaios family -- keeping in mind that some with the name Flessas, etc. are of Albanian origin with no link to the Southern Greek province of Messinia or the Dikaios tribe which settled there in the late 1680s as allies of the Venetians. There is an oral tradition that the Dikaios migrated from Asia Minor and settled in Athens before moving to Messinia, especially the Kalamata region and the village of Poliani in particular.



Other surnames in Project

Dikaiakos, Dikaios, Dikaios-Flessas, Dikeos, Dikeou, Flesa, Flesas, Flesias, Flessa, Flessas, Flessias

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