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The DonaldUsa(MacDonal Surname Project


Permit MacDonalds (all Mac or Mc spellings, which include MacDaniel and other odd spellings such as MacDanold) and other Clan Donalds to trace their ancestor to Scotland or Ireland, find cousins, determine family location and movement, determine if they are descended from Somerled in their purely paternal line, and determine clan branch or cadet line. A second objective is to obtain reference point information from persons with known lineages willing to share their crucially important information for the benefit of other Clan families. Those persons may also wish to confirm or clarify written sources concerning their lines. Non-MacDonald name participants (any spelling) should have some belief that their ancestor originated in historic Clan Donald lands: i.e. the western Highlands of Scotland including Kintyre to Ross, the Inner or Outer Hebrides, or Ulster or Leinster in Ireland or County Derry. Our focus in determining ?relatedness? is during the period from 1300 (the major growth of the Lordship) until 1750 when the Clan began to emigrate.



Other surnames in Project

Alexander, Allan, Balloch, Beaton, Blue, Boyd, Buie, Cochrane, Connell, Currie, Darrough, Donald, Donaldson, Donnell, Gillis, Houston, Hughston, Hutchinson, Mac Alistair, Mac Cain, Mac Ian, MacAlister, MacAllister, MacBride, MacCain, MacCall, MacColl, MacConnell, MacCutcheon, MacDaniel, MacDonald, MacDonell, MacDonnell, MacEachan, MacEachern, MacGill, MacIlraith, MacInnis, MacIssac, MacIvor, MacKeen, MacKeithan, MacKillop, MacKissick, MacLarty, MacQuiston, MacRanald, MacReynolds, MacRury, MacShennoch, MacSporran, MacSwain, Mc Quiston, McAlister, McAllister, McCain, McConnell, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonnell, McKean, McRaney, McReynolds, Murchison, Murdoch, Rannie, Rodger, Ronaldson, Sanders, Sanderson, Wilkie, Wilkinson

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