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The DuBose-DuBois Surname Project


DUBOSE, DUBOIS, DUBOISE, DUBOICE, DUBOYS, DUBOSC, DUBUSK, and other variants are welcome to join this Y-DNA paternal project. Many people with these surnames descend from Isaac DuBosc and Suzanne Couillandeau, French Huguenot refugees who settled on the Santee River in South Carolina in the late 1680s. Or, from sons of Chretien and Cornelia DuBois, also Huguenots who emigrated to America in 1660 and settled in New York. Some researchers have suggested that these families share a common ancestor; however, early DNA results point toward two distinct genetic backgrounds.



Other surnames in Project

All obvious spellings e.g., Currington, Debusk, Duboice, Dubois, Duboise, DuBosc, Dubose, Duboyce, Duboys, Dubusk, however, Smalwode

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