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The Earhart Surname Project


This Project is for all spelling variants of the Germanic Name of Ehrhard, Erhard, Ehrenhard. Goal One: To connect all the direct family lines. Goal Two: To discover if there is a direct family connection to the Ehrhard family?s in Alsace, France and Rhineland, Germany and Thuringia, Germany. Erfort, Thuringia, Germany is where the Coats-of-Arms was bestowed upon Friedrich Christoph Luis Erhart in 1483. Goal Three: There were about 30 Ehrhart families? that came to America before 1776. I have been able to trace 8 of them to Rhineland, Germany. They all lived about 30 to 60 miles from each other in the early 1700?s. Is there a connection between any of them? 1) Johann Simon Ehrhard from Seckenheim - See Results 2) Philip Reinhard Ehrhard from Iggelheim-Ameila Earhart?s 3) Johannes Ehrhard from Walldorf 4) Christoph Ehrenhard from Ilbesheim-Dale Earnhardt?s 5) Jacob Ehrenhard from Ilbesheim-Dale Earnhardt?s 6) Johannes Ehrenhard from Ilbesheim-Dale Earnhardt?s 7) Johann Philip Ehrenhard from Ilbesheim-Dale Earnhardt?s 8) Johann Heinrich Ehrhard from Staudernheim-Jeff Earhart?s 9) Johannes Ehrhard from Staudernheim-Jeff Earhart?s 10) Wilhelm Ehrhard from Staudernheim-Jeff Earhart?s 11) Peter Ehrhard from Rohrback 12) Valtin Ehrhard from Rimhorn 13) Casper Ehrhard from Wilheimsfield



Other surnames in Project

Ahart, Airhart, Airheart, Arehart, Arhart, Arnhart, Ayerhart, Ayrhart, Eahart, Eaheart, Earehart, Earhart, Earheart, Earnhardt, Earnhart, Eerhard, Eerhardt, Eerhart, Ehart, Eheart, Ehrenhard, Ehrenhardt, Ehrenhart, Ehret, Ehreth, Ehrhard, Ehrhardt, Ehrhart, Ehrheart, Erard, Eret, Ereth, Erhard, Erhards, Erhardsberger, Erhardt, Erhart, Errhard

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