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The Eden Surname Project


********LOOKING FOR CONNECTING EDEN LINEAGES********* Jonathan Eden(1814-1892)was born on 10 June 1892 in Illinois. He married Rhoda Ann Blythe. They had ten children. 1.Hulda Eden died when she was young, prior to 1860. 2.Phoebe Ann Eden(1834-1904)married Coleman McGarrah. 3.William Marion Eden(1836-1915)married Mary Jane Martindale. 4.Sarah Elizabeth Betsy Eden born in 1837 married Issac Newton. 5.James Alexander Eden(1840-1921)married Nancy Jane Jones. 6.Eda Edy Eden(1842-1903) married William McGarrah. 7.Bolin Green Eden was born in 1844 in Texas. 8.Daniel M. Eden(1847-1895) married Sarah J. Wells. 9.Absalom Eden(1849-1879)married Martha Malinda Belle Patton. 10.Samuel Eden(1853-1922)married Isabel Patton. Jonathan Eden(1814-1892)married Malinda Jane Stockton Martindale on 2 January 1861.They had five children. 1.Jonathan Joseph Eden(1861-1953)married Mary Jane Spain. 2.Sarah Ellen Eden(1868-1883)married William W. Bill Spain. 3.Ulysses Grant Eden(1872-1937) married Mary Emma Bridgeman. 4.Christopher Columbus Eden(1874-1953)married Sidney Bradley. 5 5.Columbia Eden(1874-1904)married Thomas Carlin.



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