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The Edgecomb Surname Project


Y-DNA Project for those of the Edgcomb and variant surnames. It is believed that all Edgcombs descend from one John Eggecombe who was of Edgcombetowne in the parish of Milton Abbot, Devonshire, England. He was named in a deed in 1324. He was also known as John de Eggecombe. There was a deed, in Norman French, by which, in the year 1078, the owner of the manor is styled 'De Edgcumbe.' William Edgcombe, a juror in 1274, may be the father of John Eggecombe. You can go to this page to see prices of the various tests: Our main purpose is to do Y=DNA testing, which is the first group on that page (MALE LINE TESTING - FOR GENEALOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY). The 12-marker test is only marginally useful. I urge people to have as many markers tested as they feel are affordable. More markers give more accurate probabilities of the number of generations to the common ancestor. Note that you can upgrade to more markers later on, but the cost is a little higher than if you order all at once. Edgecombs are welcome to take any of the other tests, but I am not as familiar with them, and will not be able to give much help in interpreting the results. If there is anyone willing to handle that aspect, please let me know (



Other surnames in Project

Adgcombe, Eagcum, Edgcom, Edgcomb(e), Edgcome, Edgcumb(e), Edgecomb(e), Edgecombe, Edgecumb(e), Eggcombe and Gadg* variants.

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