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The Eoghan/Eoin/Gobhan Surname Project


This project is for Celtic origin surnames that have an etymology related to ( Eòghan / Eòin / Còmhghan / Gobhan / Eachain ). Aka Mac/Mc/O' ( Ewen/Owen, John, Cowan, Gowan ). If your surname is similar or sounds like any of the surnames in this project and you suspect Celtic( Gaelic / Welsh ) origins then you are encouraged to participate in this project. In time, we hope to sort out the etymologies and overlaps for each of the variants surnames as they became anglicized.



Other surnames in Project

Bowan, Bowen, Coan, Coen, Cohan, Cohen, Comgan, Comhghan, Cone, Coon, Cowan, Cowen, Cowin, Coyne, Cuan, Cune, Cunn, Eogan, Eoghain, Eoghainn, Eoghan, Eòin, Evan, Even, Ewan, Ewen, Ewin, Ewing, Ewings, Ewins, Gobhainn, Gow, Gowan, Gowen, Gowin, Gown, Hewin, Hewins, Hone, Howan, Howen, Howin, Johnson, Keoan, Keohane, Keown, Kewn, Kilcoyne, Koon, Kown, Kuen, MacBowan, MacBowen, MacCoan, MacCoen, MacCohan, MacCohen, MacComgan, MacComhghan, MacCone, MacCoon, MacCowan, MacCowen, MacCowin, MacCoyne, MacCuan, MacCune, MacCunn, MacElhone, MacEogan, MacEoghain, MacEoghainn, MacEoghan, MacEoin, MacEvan, MacEven, Macewan, Macewen, MacEwing, MacGobhainn, MacGowan, MacGowen, MacGowin, MacGown, MacHone, MacHowan, MacHowen, MacHowin, Macilhone, MacKeachan, MacKeoan, MacKeohane, MacKeown, MacKewn, MacKoon, MacKown, MacKuen, MacOwain, MacOwan, MacOwen, MacQuain, MacQuan, MacQuane, MacQueen, MacQuin, MacQuinn, MacQuown, McBowan, McBowen, McCahon, McCaughan, McCaughn, McCoan, McCoen, McCohan, McCohen, McComgan, McComhghan, McCone, McCoon, McCowan, McCowen, McCowin, McCoyne, McCuan, McCune, McCunn, McEachain, McEachan, McEachern, McEachin, McElhone, McEogan, McEoghain, McEoghainn, McEoghan, McEoin, McEvan, McEven, McEwan, McEwen, McEwing, McGobhainn, McGowan, McGowen, McGowin, McGown, McHone, McHowan, McHowen, McHowin, Mcilhone, McKachen, McKaughan, McKeoan, McKeohane, McKeown, McKewn, McKoin, McKoon, McKown, McKuen, McOwain, McOwan, McOwen, McQuain, McQuan, McQuane, McQueen, McQuin, McQuinn, McQuown, O'Gowan, O'Gowen, O'Gowin, Owain, Owan, Owen, Quain, Quan, Quane, Queen, Quin, Quinn, Quown, SMITH, Uwins, Yewen, Youens, Youings

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