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The Erskine/Askey Surname Project


This yDNA Project has been created for those with the Erskine or Askey surname (or variations) and those who find close yDNA matches with Erskines or Askeys. The derivation of one line of Askeys is from Thomas Erskine (1727-1807). Erskine's father was born in Scotland and moved to Antrim, Northern Ireland around 1700. Erskine moved to North America around 1742 (Maryland) and settled in Pennsylvania. His name was changed to Aspey and Askey on official records and military documents. The Askey name stuck although one of Thomas Erskine/Askey's sons (William) reclaimed the Erskine name in Pennsylvania and descendants moved west throughout the US and Canada. Another variation: Askay - was created in the 1800s. This group is open to all males with similar surnames and will attempt to differentiate based on yDNA markers and Haplogroups. Also, several different surnames are close matches to the Thomas Erskine/Askey line and are welcome to join so that we can determine the history behind the various surnames.



Other surnames in Project

Aska, Askay, Askey, Askin, Askins, Aspey, Bobbitt, Erskine, Haskins, Nicholls, Nichols, Nicholson, Tyson, White

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