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The EstisJewishUkraine Surname Project


Our grandparents were born in the Ukraine (formerly part of Russia) about 90 km South South West of Kiev. Most of our grandparents said they were from Kiev. With a little investigation we find that they are from Koziatyn (formerly Kaztin), Tamashdiel Komenitz-Podolsk, Kmielnik (Khmelnic) and other nearby communities. Since Estis is not a common name in the Ukraine or Russia, but is very common in our corner of the Ukraine we suspect a progenitor from elsewhere. As we investigate the possibilities we welcome Estis?s with ancestors from the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) , especially those with known Jewish ancestry. We accept any type of DNA testing in our group, but strongly recommend the Family Finder (autosomal) test to help find the connections. Some of our members have grandmothers who were Estes?s from this area, and have no male Estis?s to test, so the Family Finder (autosomal) test is their only link. If you have a male Estis that is willing to test that would be helpful in seeing how we all fit together.



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