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The Evenchik/Ewenczyk Surname Project


EVENCHIK / EVENCHICK / EWENCZYK (and all variants). By current paper trail research we have identified about 16 - 17 trees. However, those different family trees cannot yet be linked. The purpose of this project is to use the latest DNA analysis techniques and see if our assumption that 'all EVENCHIKs are cousins' proves correct or not. Furthermore, name changes were frequent in the Czarist empire. Two members of my EWENCZYK tree changed their names to KOPELOVICH and SLAVIN. In another tree, the name EPSTEIN was adopted. This project might help their descendants find relatives they would never have thought of looking for. Many Jewish EVANS descend from an EVENCHI(C)K. This knowledge will gradually be forgotten. ======= The variety of names found in our families may come from other roots... But they may also come from our EVENCHIK / EVENCHICK / EWENCZYK 'clan'. If this information has been lost, it may now be retrieved through YDNA analysis. ======= Daniel Ewenczyk =======



Other surnames in Project

Aventchick, Avin, Avni, Cavendish, Conway, Edwin, Epstein, Evans, Evenchick, Evenchik, Evens, Eventov, Evin, Ewenczyk, Kopelovich, Slaven, Slavin

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