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The Fancher Surname Project


There's lots of spellings for Fancher and a lot of mixed up history. Our goal is to be able to connect the various Fancher spellings using DNA. Here is an incomplete list of families and here is a link to Fancher history. Early 1700's Fancher Families The relationship of the earliest Fanchers in colonial America is assumed to be brothers and sisters, based upon many factors. The names of the mother and father are not known. The children: 1. Catherine Fancher, married August 14, 1717, Branford, Connecticut to Ebenezer Elwell, and died about 1743/4, eight children. 2. William Fancher, married November 20, 1723, Branford, Connecticut to Thankful Thompson, and died August 20, 1759, fourteen children. 3. Hannah Fancher, married June 6, 1728, Stamford, Connecticut to Joseph Garnsey, six children. 4. Richard Fancher, found in New Cannan, Connecticut about 1725-1730, seven children. 5. John Fancher, married November 1736, Stamford, Connecticut to Eunice Bouton, ten children. 6. David Fancher, living in Stamford, Connecticut as early as 1730, five children. The Fancher Family name found in Connecticut about 1728 was spelled predominately as Fanshaw until about 1740 and Fanshaw and Fancy as late as 1760. The English pronounced Fanshaw as Fanshur or Fanshore which easily evolved to Fancher and Fansher in a time of our country when a large part of the population could not read nor write or had very little formal school education. The family tradition of Richard and John Fancher coming from Long Island to Connecticut and evidence of Fanshaw Family on Long Island and many other bits of information give credence to this connection with our ancestors.



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Fancher, Fancy, Fansher, Fanshier, Fauncher, Fousher

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