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The Faraggiorigins Surname Project


The project will test surname variants Faraggi, Fraggi, Farachi, Farage, Faragi, Fragi Faragie, Farach, Farash, Faradchi, Faradji, Faraci, Farache, Faradj, Farag, Faraj using DNA (Y chromosome) testing of men with any of these names. The goals are 1) to determine if the 10 Faraggi lines thus far identified by paper and pen research (much of this courtesy of Moshe Farragi) can be traced to a single ancestor 2) to uncover any further Faraggi branches 3) to determine if different name variants can be reliably traced to different geographic regions 4) to get information on the origins of any genetically inferred ancestors going back to antiquity and 5) to use my novel techniques to try to trace the migration paths of different branches. I would like to include related women and men without a Fraggi Y chromosome as well - please inquire. Felice Bedford, Ph.D



Other surnames in Project

Farach, Farache, Farachi, Faraci, Faradchi, Faradj, Faradji, Farag, Farage, Faraggi, Faragi, Faragie, Faraj, Farash, Fraggi, Fragi

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