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The Farr Surname Project


The purpose of the Farr surname project is to find any common links between the different Farr groups in the USA, Canada, British Isles and Western Europe. Special group price is $99 per 12 marker test kit. We strongly suggest that you start with a 25 or 37 marker test because of the number of participants in our project. At this point most of the participants with 12 marker kits are having to upgrade to 25 or 37 to see if they really match with others in the project.



Other surnames in Project

Faa, Faar, Fahr, Fahrr, Fair, Faire, Fairie, Fairr, Far, Fare, Farr, Farre, Fary, Faur, Faure, Faw, Fayre, Fayrey, Fear, Fer, Fere, Ferr, Ferre, Fir, Firr, Furr, Pfarr, Phair, Pharr, Pharre, Phau

Join the Farr surname project

If you want to join the Farr project please order your DNA test here.

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