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The Fennessy Surname Project


The purpose of this project is to find links among the various Fennessy's (Fennessey's). There are many variations of the name and yet ancient history suggests one original Clan. Are we truly connected genetically? We now have 37-marker data for 15 Fennessys of whom 14 are likely to have a common ancestor within the recent past (few hundred years). We are searching for the common ancestor as well as trying to narrow the number of septs identified at a previous Fennessy Family History Meeting. More members would be great - however to be effectively linked, we need at people to sign up for the 37-marker test. Thank you Nancy Fennessey and Peter Fennessy



Other surnames in Project

Fennessey, Fennessy, Fennesy, Finisy, Finnessey, Ni Fhiannusa, Phenessy, Phenesy

Join the Fennessy surname project

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