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The Fitschen Surname Project


This is a Y-DNA project for the descendants of the FITSCHEN (FITTSCHEN) families of northern Lower Saxony, Germany. Genealogical research in Germany since the 1920s and 30s has connected many, but not all, to ancestor Claus FITSCHEN (1587-1677) of Oersdorf, Lower Saxony, Germany. A large family association (Familienverband) was then formed, which holds meetings every two years and sends out a yearly publication. Descendants in Germany today still live mostly in the region just south-west of Hamburg. Given the proximity to the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven, there was extensive emigration before World War I. Branches with the Fit(t)schen name are found in the US, e.g. in Minnesota, Illinois, California (Orange County), and in South Africa. Please join our project with your Y-chromosome. This project is especially promising because of our large known family tree that reaches back more than 4 centuries and includes thousands of descendants. The next family meetings are in 2011, 2013...



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Fitschen, Fittschen

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