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The Flyer/Fleer/Flier Surname Project


lThis project seeks to find the links between members of various branches of the Flyer, Fleer, Flier family with their relatives. Using the assumption that all Flyers with their roots in Zarecha/Shklov in Belarus are related, this project seeks to use modern DNA research and techniques to confirm the linkages between various individuals who descend from Flyers from Zarecha and Shklov, as well as other locations. We particularly aim to confirm the genetic relationship between American members of the various Flyer families and their relatives in Belarus and Israel. As the name was originally written in Yiddish and Russian, all English spelling variations are considered equivalent, including also Fleyer, Flayer Fleher etc.



Other surnames in Project

Flayer, Fleer, Fleher, Fleyer, Flier, Flyer

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