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The Fosti Surname Project


My history of the FOSTI Family begins in Bukovina, Europe in the early (1800?s); from (1775 to 1918) Bukovina was the easternmost crown land of the Austrian Empire, on the eastern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains. Bukovina was a multi-ethnic district of the province of Galicia; Bukovina gained separate crown land status in (1849) under Austrian administration; the FOSTI Family has always considered themselves Ukrainians of Greek Orthodox Faith, from Bukovina, (The Land Of Beech Trees). Coat of Arms of our ancestral homeland. Awarded in (1862) by Emperor Francis Joseph I to the crown land of Bukovina, it depicts an aurochs, an extinct wild European ox, presumably the ancestor of today?s cattle. The head of the aurocks is set on a blue and red field surrounded by three golden stars.



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Fosti, Fostij, Fostin, Fostiy

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