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The Frame Surname Project


The FRAME DNA PROJECT is open to all males with the FRAME and other eligible surname variants, or to those who are a very close Y-Chromosome match to Frame participants. The Project is strictly Surname and Y-Chromosome based, so Frame females will need to test their brother, father, cousin, uncle etc. as proxy. Members of this Project are interested in working together to find their common heritage through Y-DNA testing and the sharing of information. Those with any variant of FRAME such as FRAM, FRAIM, FRAIME, FREME, FREAME, FREYME, and any of the listed eligible surnames are welcome to join the Project to determine if their surname has a shared ancestry with the family of FRAME. Spelling in ancient times was very 'fluid' and any reasonable possibility is sufficient to have your surname variation included in this project, if it is missing. We'll be glad to add it -please contact the admin. Females with the FRAME or variant surname by birth are also welcome to join this project to test mtDNA or atDNA (Family Finder), although these tests are not taken into account for analysis.



Other surnames in Project

De Fraine, De Framé, De Framé, De Freigne, De Freyne, Du Frane, Du Fresne, DuFrane, Dufrenne, Dufresne, Fermin, Ferram, Firmin, Forme, Fraeme, Fraena, Fraham, Frahm, Fraim, Fraime, Fraimes, Frain, Fraisn, Fraisne, Fram, Framan, Framau, Frame, Framen, Framery, Frames, Framme, Frams, France, Francey, Franche, Frane, Franey, Fraym, Frayn, Frayne, Fream, Freame, Freames, Frean, Freeham, Freem, Freema, Freeme, Freen, Freeney, Freham, Freigne, Freisne, Frem, Frema, Freman, Fremau, Fremault, Fremaux, Fremauz, Freme, Fremeaux, Fremee, Fremen, Fremes, Fremez, Fremin, Frémy, Fren, Freneau, Freney, Frenne, Frennes, Frense, Fresme, Fresnay, Fresne, Fresnel, Fresnillo, Fresnoy, Freumau, Freumaus, Freumaux, Freygne, Freyme, Freyne, Friem, Frieme, Frim, Frime, Froam, Froiam, From, Frome, Fromm, Frommé, Fromos, Froom, Froomes, Fryam, Fryme, Furam, Pharam, Vreem

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